Can violent video games turn your children violent?

Can violent video games turn your children violent?featured

With all the violence happening out there in the world today, it’s only natural for us to worry about exposing our kids to violence, no matter where it comes from. There’s a lot of advice available, which can be difficult to sort through and understand, so I am going to try and make some sense of this sensitive subject.

  • Some studies conclude that violent video games do cause violence, while others don’t.  What this means is that we cannot leave all of the blame for violence on video games (and other entertainment) that promote violence. We need to take on some of that responsibility for ourselves.
  • Banning all violent entertainment may not work. There’s something called the “Rule of Scarcity,” where anything scarce increases in value.  By saying no at home, it will undoubtedly lead to our kids getting what they want at their friend’s house.   By no means am I saying you shouldn’t have household rules, I certainly do.  I just mean that our rules should be balanced, so that we provide an example for how our children should respond.
  • Understanding that your house rules are not the same rules at their friend’s house. It’s more important for us to respond to our own circumstances instead of constantly comparing one family to another, and allowing that to affect the way we parent.
  • Educate and communicate regularly with your kids.    Help your kids to also understand what to do with all those grey areas in-between right and wrong.  As hard as it may be to do, sometimes we need to let our children experience the consequences of their actions without our interference.  Saying “I told you so” does make you the winner, but other than that, what good does it do? When our kids end up experiencing the very thing we warned them about, they get the connection – there’s no need to hammer it into their brains.

In the end, we can only try our best to love our children as much as humanly possible. Love them, but don’t smother them. Our struggles for balance will be for a greater purpose: to bring up children that are balanced, healthy, happy, and will someday treat their own kids the same way.

Wishing you and your family all the best!

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